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Buying Guide

Purchasing a massage chair might be a daunting task at first. We understand the complexity of choosing the right massage chair, so here we are to help make your decision.

Why Buy a Massage Chair?
  • Your Investment with Great Returns - Buying a massage chair seems to be a big purchase at first, but consider the expense, your time and efforts taking trips to massage therapists. You can enjoy a massage right at your place when you have spare time. Therefore, with the help from us at Titan Chair we will make sure you choose the correct massage chair.
  • Your Convenience, Health and Well-being - With high quality massage chairs, your body will be better relaxed, and be much healthier. Many people testify some of their chronic symptoms or pains are decreased after experiencing a high quality massage chair. Also, many chiropractors are recommending a quality massage chair for back pain, loosening muscles, and restoring its natural posture.
  • Which Massage Chair is Best for Me?

    Get to know features of massage chairs first, then consider which features you might want. Some of the features are explained in the next section. You can call us to find out more about our massage chairs. If possible we suggest that you try some massage chairs in person. If you can't find any places that carry massage chairs in your area, please feel free to call us toll free at 888-848-2630 to find your nearest location.

  • S-Track Movement - S-track roller movement is designed with the shape and curvature of the human spine in mind. It provides support to the neck and back, especially the lumbar area so to increase the effects of the massage.
  • L-Track Movement - In the L-track roller movement, rollers starts in your neck area and follow the full extension until the buttocks. This function increases the effects of massage as it enables each disc of your spine to individually separate and decompress, allowing nutrients to enter disc tissue.
  • Zero Gravity - The zero gravity position is a relaxing and stress-free position on your body, minimizing the pressure along the back and spine region. When reclined into the zero gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage.
  • Computer Body Scan - Computer body scan allows for the rollers to map the back curvature with accuracy, which translates into a better massage hitting the key areas. This function is included in the highly advanced massage chair so that most body types are measured to give customized massage experience.
  • 3D Massage Technology - 3D massage technology is a newly enhanced technology, designed to massage wider and deeper than the conventional massage rollers. The 3D technology allows you to extend out the massage heads up to 8 cm (3 inches) for an intense deep massage. The 3D intensity can be adjusted, ranging from mild to strong. With the 3D technology, reaching and massaging the acupuncture points become effortless with accurate precision and depth.
  • 4D Massage Technology - The 4D technology is capable of protruding up to 9 cm (3.5 inches), resulting in a deep tissue massage to loosen layers of muscles and soothe tension. This technology is unlike any other massage mechanism in the industry, it adds a rhythmic element toward 3D.
  • Leg Extension - This feature is to accommodate various heights. Most of high end massage chairs have the automatic leg scan features that a chair can fully extend out and then retract to fit the leg length.
  • Massage Technology - In Pre-set programs or manual modes, each massage chair has their own styles of massage. Some of the favorite manual modes are kneading, rolling, tapping, clapping, and shiatsu. Also, many high end massage chairs immitate a real massage therapist by providing pre-set programs like deep tissue, stretch, circulation, and relax.
  • Air Bag Compression Massage - Air bags apply a compression massage to stretch tight muscles. Air bag massage areas are neck, outer shoulder, arm, thigh, leg and feet.
  • Foot Roller Massage - Spinning reflexology massagers provide a soothing kneading style application on foot or sole. As the rollers spin it will stimulate acupuncture points and as the air bags inflate it will generate a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet.
  • Spot & Partial Function - This function is very useful and convenient for most of users who have more stressed spots in the body. Along the line of roller movement, press the spot or partial button then the rollers will stay in the area giving relaxation to the desired area only.
  • Removable Covers / Pads - Massage chairs with pillows, cushions or pads are capable of giving individual adjustments of massage strength and can provide people with various health conditions to enjoy a relaxing feeling with massage chairs. The dual pad system allows the user to control the intensity of the massage, by removing the pads that will intensify the massage.
  • Why Choose Us?
  • Our Dedication for Quality - We carry leading brands of electronic massage chairs, handheld massagers, foot massagers, fitness machines, and back relief products.
  • Our Dedication for Service - We are committed to provide the highest quality products for your home, bath, and body. We provide world-class service, exceptionally fast delivery and straight forward support. We provide the passion and desire. We can only accomplish our mission if we build your trust and treat you exceptionally well each and every time you visit us. So, we've created a guarantee that takes the risk out of shopping.
  • Purchasing
    You have researched functions and features, tried some massage chairs, and now it's the decision time! There are a couple more things besides price, quality, and functions to consider.
  • Dimensions & Sizes - Consider the dimension of the massage chair for entering your doorway and your room. Some chairs are delivered completely installed, some are not.
  • Delivery & Installation Options - Because most of the chairs are delivered as curbside delivery, you have to consider that you will need to bring the chair inside and install the chair. If you cannot ask help from family members or friends, consider having white glove service which includes delivery and installing.
  • Warranty Options - Compare warranty options you can have for the massage chair you're interested.