Osaki OS 7075R

Osaki OS- 7075R

Executive ZERO GRAVITY, S-Track Massage Chair


$ 4,295.00

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  • Executive ZERO GRAVITY, S-Track
  • Designed with a set of intelligent massage robot, special focus on the neck, shoulder and lumbar massage according to body curve
  • Thai style body stretching massage function.
  • Automatically detect the whole body curve as well as make micro adjustments
  • Pelvis & Waist Swaying Massage
  • 13 Motor system and 4 Roller massage
  • Heating function-shoulder area
  • Designed with six unique auto-programs:

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$ 4,295.00

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With the simple touch of button enter the world of relaxation and comfort. The Zero Gravity feature provides a minimized spinal stress position by elevating the legs above the heart and positioning the spine on a horizontal plain. Zero Gravity has been recognized by the U.S. space program as a reduced stress position mimicking a floating feeling. We invite you to experience the innovative comfort of the innovative new OS-7075R.

DISCLAIMER: The Osaki OS-7075R applies a very intense massage and is only recommended to those who desire deep tissue massage therapy.

Zero Gravity Raise the legs above the heart and positioning the back in reduced stress position also allowing for the massage heads to apply a deeper massage.
New Thai Body Stretching MassageThai massage is imitated to unfold and stretching the spine and legs.
Infrared Body Scan TechnologyInfrared body scanners will adjust according to each user’s body type.
Pelvis & Hip MassageAir bags located along the outer hip and waist region apply a deep compression massage and apply a gentle twist of the hips to stretch tight muscles. This mode is designed to gently stretch and flex the muscles around the pelvis and the lower body.
Heating MassageAn expansive heating massage system throughout the chair targeting all the vital muscle areas. Far infrared heat is applied which is milder that traditional heating pad
6 easy to use healthcare auto programs - For your convenience there are 6 unique preset massages
Powerful 13 Motors System - There are 13 independent motors throughout the chair to distribute a smooth and consistent massage. With each motor designated to handle a sole function allows for less wear and stress on the motors resulting in improved reliability.
Powerful 13 Motors SystemThere are 13 independent motors throughout the chair to distribute a smooth and consistent massage. With each motor designated to handle a sole function allows for less wear and stress on the motors resulting in improved reliability.Extra Long Vertical massage rangeMost massage chairs are limited to 29 – 30 inches in vertical motion. The OS-7000 boasts a 31 inch range, reaching the lower tailbone area.

Special Neck Massage - Targeted directly on stress relieving “tsubo points” on your neck.Head Air Massage - The All New Osaki OS-7000 comes equipped with a bonus feature head massager. An airbag band is placed around the forehead area and then applies a mid to gentle squeeze imitating palms of a hand pressing down.Fatigue Relieving Air Massage - 46 Air bags are installed in for the head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, thighs and feet to massage the lower half of the body to promote stimulation of blood to the lower extremities.Adjustable air massage -The air massage has 3 intensity levels ranging from low to high pressures.Easy to use remote - Conveniently located on the right armrest, the remote control is mounted flush to the surface. For easy visibility the remote can be lifted to an upright position to operate all the functions without having reach.Outer Shoulder Massager - The outer shoulder massagers are set apart from others. The shoulder massagers are not static and can be adjusted vertically to fit various body types.Hand & Arm Massage - The side arm massagers can massage various areas of the arm including the hands and wrist.The Pivoting arms will allow you to comfortly keep your arms in the arm massagers regardless how far back you relcine.Intelligent Leg & Calf Massage - The calf and foot massager is capable of making adjustment according to each individual’s leg length to ensure that the massage air bags are concentrating on the correct areas.The multiple air bags placed in the calf and foot part of the chair to deliver thorough and satisfying massage.DimensionsApproved by CE, UL, FDA, ETL (US highest safety department), and ISO 9002.