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V1 Vending
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  • Buy 2 @ $1,895 / each - CALL US
  • Buy 4 @ $1,695 / each - CALL US
  • 1 Container pricing (30 chairs) - CALL US
  • Bill Vending Massage Chair
  • (Optional) Credit Card Acceptor
  • Arm, Calf & Back Massage
  • Combination of Shiatsu, Clapping, Rolling, Kneading, Swedish, Tapping Massage
  • Warranty - 3 Year Parts Only
  • Earn extra income at your business

Apex V1 - Bill Vending Massage Chair
vending massage chair
Help your costumers relax after their shopping session, running from flight terminal to flight terminal, or a day at the spa, while bringing in extra profit for your business. The V1 Vending Massage Chair accepts bills and card (optional) and comes with combination of 6 classic massage techniques. We guarantee that it will bring a smile to your customers’ faces and leave a lasting impression on your business.

vending massage chair vending massage chair Bill Vending Massage Chair Apex V1
The bill receptor is in the right armrest panel. The cash box can hold bills upto 500 pieces.
Credit card reader is optional.

vending massage chair Massage Modes
Automatic massage program combines six classical massage techniques - Shiatsu, Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Clapping and Rolling.

vending massage chair ARM MASSAGE
In the arm massage portion of the chair are airbags that contract, which promotes better blood circulation and relieving the fatigue in the arm.

vending massage chair Back Massage
The roller haead system is designed to adjust to the curvature of any individuals' back. Resulting in a more consistent pressure during the massage.

vending massage chair Calf Massage
In the leg massage portion of the chair are airbags that contract, which promotes better blood circulation and relieving the fatigue in the legs and feet.

Durable Synthetic Material
The chair is covered with a highly durable synthetic leather which is easy to clean and sustain its rich color far better than typical leathers, that dry and crack over time.

Easy Maintenance
The chair is designed so that maintenance and repair are easily done in a short period of time. Built with very few components, reducing the time to trouble shoot any problems.

Steel Frame
The frame work is solid steel construction for dependability and strength. The arm rest are cover by a highly durable plastic, easy to clean and maintain.

Chair Position
The chair is upright position so it can be placed against the wall.

Massage Charge Options
The bill collector has a built-in money counter that can be displayed on the external monitor without having to open to collection unit.

• Determine the massage starting amount.
• Set the time for the starting amount.
• OR Set the time for each dollar amount.

vending massage chair vending massage chair